Writing Tip Wednesday


A couple of days ago, I came across a great piece of writing advice on a post of another writer in a Facebook group that I’m apart of.

“Write the story for yourself, and then worry about everybody else.”

This spoke to me on so many levels. For the current story I’m working on and the many stories that I want to tell. Interestingly, the first book I wrote could have been a memoir about my love obsession with my first real love. But until that point of my life, I’d only known fiction writing, so I created Lydia Love’s story from own. My second book, Reconciliation to Hell, was inspired by my very real reconciliation to hell when I remarried the first husband I divorced after 3 years of marriage. I longed to tell the story of how weakness, fear, and lack of faith led me back to a relationship that I knew was wrong the first go-round and the harsh reality of learning that truth. However, thoughts of my mom, my in-laws, extended family, and coworkers and friends knowing the intricacies of the mess I’d gotten myself in halted the plan before it got off the ground. A fiction story that became. Even the current fiction story I’m writing is inspired by another snippet of my life. If that doesn’t paint a clear picture of what I should be writing, I don’t know what does.

God willing, at the completion of my third fiction novel in 2019, I will give birth to those stories buried within. They will entertain, provoke thought, and change lives. And when I write them, I will write them for myself and think about everybody else later.

Stay tuned my loves…

LaCharmine L.A. Jefferson

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