When You’ve Got to Have It

When you’ve got to have it you’ve got to have it. That’s what I felt when my eyes fell upon a gorgeous diamond and rose gold butterfly statement ring. I’d been browsing store sites—Macy’s, JCP, and Carson’s—in search of a statement butterfly necklace. There were a few dainty butterfly necklaces but none that displayed the boldness and beauty I had in mind. But this ring that I wasn’t looking for did.

I’m not sure when my adoration for butterflies began but I knew I adored them when I got a tattoo of them designed on my lower back. The price of the ring was well above what I had in mind to spend on any one piece of jewelry that day or any day so I bypassed telling myself to focus on what I was actually looking for.

However, thanks to browsing history or whatever it’s called when items you’ve previously viewed or similar items appear on the sidebar of your current browsing session, the darn ring kept showing up, weakening my frugal resolve each time.

“Why not?” A quiet voice whispered in my ear on one such occasion.

“You need that ring on your finger. It’s fire!” The same voice conveyed, only more forceful.

Within a week of the first time I saw the ring I found myself making an excuse to go to the mall. Didn’t I need a few more tops for my upcoming trip? Oh yeah, I still have a pair of jeans in my trunk that I need to return. While I’m there, I can try on the ring to see how it looks up close and personal.

When I arrived at the mall on the sweltering hot day, I couldn’t have cared less about the refreshing air that the mall offered. I was all about finding that fine jewelry counter. Once there, I immediately asked the associate if the ring was in stock. She wasn’t sure. I located the online and showed it to her. She punched in a few numbers into her key pad and was directed to where the ring was.

“Oh, here it is.” She said, unexcitedly, leading me to the display case. Obviously, the ring wasn’t memorable to her as it was to me.

How could she not know what ring I was talking about? I thought because there was no way I wouldn’t have remembered it. I guess everything isn’t for everyone. Anyway, once I slid that ring onto the third finger of my right hand I knew I wasn’t leaving that store without it.

The associate played around with the sale price and coupons available for my use bringing the price lower than what I expected to pay. Just more incentive for me to make that ring mine.
And I did. I walked out of the store feeling every bit deserving of my purchase. Not regretting one dollar of the total cost. As much money as we spend on our daily living and caring for others, it just makes sense to spend some on yourself on something that makes you smile as wide as I was smiling when I walked out the store with that ring.

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