We Are Family—Supposedly

When my parents initially divorced, neither of them wanted to hear the others name let alone see each other. A lot occurred during their 30+ year marriage. And when it finally came to an end, it was devastating for them and us–my siblings and me. But broken or not, we’re still a family unit. At least, we’re supposed to be.

I get it, though. I’m a divorcee, too. Married twice to the father of my children I know hurt, pain, disappointment, and regret. Walking away from the problems don’t make them go away. But, especially in the case of having children together, the exes don’t go away either. So, if you have to continue dealing with this person–even when the children become adults, doesn’t it make sense to do your best to get along?

I think so. My best friend’s parents obviously think so. What are your thoughts?

Should exes make a point to get along for the sake of their children and grandchildren to come? Do you get along with your ex? Feel free to share your stories!

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