Happy Holidays From L.A.

This year the holiday season was something different. First, this year marked the second holiday season without my husband. And if that wasn’t enough to contend with, I opted to have a long-overdo surgery to correct nerve damage in my left hand, which had me in cast from November 6th through December 12th. The only good thing that came from that was that I got to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner without slaving in the kitchen! However, the cast coming off didn’t immediately increase my mobility of my arm so even today–8 wks later–I’m still limited in my abilities. For example, I can drive more comfortably without the cast on but I still can’t grip the steering wheel with my left hand. Preparing for moving out of my temporary housing, I could pack boxes but I couldn’t lift any of them.

November also marked mid-terms for the grad program I started in the fall. When I selected the date for my surgery knowing that I would be in the cast, I didn’t think about the extended time it would take to complete assignments and type essays. I was so thankful for the professor who referred me to the student disabilities office for accommodations, which was campus computers equipped with dictation software. Cool right?

When I moved into my rental home after my home caught fire this time last year, no one could have prepared me for not being in my own home in time for the holidays. Sure, they tried. Most people who knew of similar situations to mine would all say that it was at least a year before the people were back in their homes. Since my house wasn’t being rebuilt from the ground up, I didn’t allow that possibility to take residence in my mind. You can imagine the sadness I’ve been feeling having to endure–not celebrate–the holiday in a home that is not my own.

I really have tried to make the best of the things. I don’t believe in focusing on the negative but this has been a stretch. It is not many things in life that I have wanted more than for my house to be ready. Now, on this New Years Eve I am celebrating that I am closer to being home than I have been all year long.

LaCharmine (L.A.) Jefferson

LaCharmine L.A. Jefferson

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