Christmas: The Reason for the Season

Unless you intentionally plan to celebrate the holidays elsewhere, like Hawaii or some other popular destination place, most of us want to celebrate in our own home. I’m no different. When I moved into my current rental property after a devastating house fire a week before Christmas which claimed the life of my husband, I expected to be back home no later than the 1st of November. Why wouldn’t I when the contractor’s target was September? However, since I was warned by nearly everyone I talked to about contractor’s never being accurate with their completion projections, I mentally prepared myself for a couple of extra months.

But not being home by Christmas is unacceptable!

Yet, that’s the situation I find myself in.

So what’s a girl to do?

Whine for about five minutes and then put up her Christmas tree!

After all, the Christmas holiday isn’t about where you celebrate. It’s about celebrating the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. And that can be done wherever you are.

It’s my greatest hope that whatever circumstances you find yourself this year that you are moved to still celebrate the reason for the season.

LaCharmine L.A. Jefferson

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