Call me a nerd or a lame if you want to. It won’t be the first time and certainly not the last. These days I wear those terms like a badge of honor.

On my recent trip to Miami I decided to make a stop at a nearby library. Initially, I wanted to go to Books and Books, an independent book store that wasn’t too far from our hotel. But when I was in route there, on foot, I bumped into my friend who I had plans to hang out with that night and we detoured from my destination. The next day, my last day there, the library was the closest place with books that I could get to before our cruise ship for the Bahamas was scheduled to depart.

When the idea formed in my mind to visit the library it was an Aha moment. As much as I like libraries at home, it made total sense to visit a local library in the city that I was visiting. Just like that, a new tradition was born.

My excitement was lost on my daughter.

“Are you serious, Mom?” My daughter said when I turned down her invitation to the rooftop pool of our hotel for my trip to the library.

“I sure am.” I said before heading out in the smoldering hot sun for the 17 min walk.

Just before I arrived at my destination I was beginning to think I’d taken the wrong path. The map on my phone said I was 1 minute away but I didn’t see any stretch of building with attractive large lettering identifying South Shore Library. Instead, I came upon a shared building. One door read Allstate Insurance and the other plainly stated Library.

Geez! I thought. Clearly the library in South Beach is not a main attraction.

Still, I snapped a picture for memory sake.

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