Achieving Fitness Goals: What to Do, What to Do?

Some of my fav moves!

From my vantage point, everybody wants a better body. What else explains the varying body types in the gym? From the obese, to the wanna be and probably are bodybuilders to everything in between. The one I loathe the most is the skinny girl with absolutely no fat on her body and she’s running on the treadmill as if her life depended on it! LOL.

Excuse me, I digressed.

The problem I have with this fitness thing is fitting in time to workout. But that’s everybody’s problem right? We’re all so busy doing a million things that it seems near impossible to carve out 30 minutes for exercise. Well, I’ll tell you, I was at my healthiest weight when I exercised during my work day, taking walks over lunch or popping in an exercise video in our office building. I even had a group of ladies who I met up with to do ab work. A gym membership has only cost me money, yielding minimal results, and made me feel like a failure for not going enough.

I won’t get rid of my $20 Planet Fitness membership just yet. It’s good to have it as an option. For example, during my recent short-term stay at my sister’s house she suggested we go to the gym together with her as my guests. That’s been cool.

But my preferred method of exercise are fun activities that yield results of the boring stuff. Zumba, skating, playing badminton in the summer, walking my dog or walking listening to my favorite tunes.

Since it’s important to have a plan to achieve success, I came up with one that I can live with:

  • Zumba at least 2 Friday’s a month ($10/class)
  • Sunday skating or Latin hustle twice a month
  • 30-45 minutes of daily walking (during lunch at work, treadmill, or walking video at home.

Please share your plans to achieve your fitness goals or simply live a healthier lifestyle this year. I’d love to hear them.

Let’s do it!

LaCharmine (L.A.) Jefferson

LaCharmine L.A. Jefferson

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